Friday, February 17, 2017

Red Poll Update

The Red Poll girls seem to thrive in the snow, though I let them into the barn on extra cold or wet nights:

And the two little horses have mostly been accepted as part of the herd:

Each bale of hay lasts two days. At the end of the second day (when this photo was taken), I roll the bale feeder to another spot, to receive a new bale in the morning. It has the added benefits of making it easier for the herd to eat the remaining hay and gives them a circle of soft, dry hay to sleep on that night:

Yes, they really do get icicles hanging off them:

Little Maggie, now six months old, is still nursing and still growing rapidly:

Little Tabitha likes to hang out by the Box Elder tree. Remy was licking the salt block in the background:

For the most part, the herd lives a quiet, comfortable, peaceful life:

And they are well fed - so well, in fact, that most of them are now on reduced grain rations:

Sweet natured Jasmine. Her collar looked tight, so I adjusted it while she ate hay. The collar was stiff and I had to wrestle with it, but gentle Jasmine didn't mind:

Eating hay is their main activity, interrupted only by periods of cud chewing:

This is what people on the gravel road see as they drive by:

A quiet scene, early in the morning. Apparently I had not re-positioned the bale feeder the night before as I usually do:


  1. Maggie and Tabitha have really grown. It seems like they were just born.

    1. Thanks, Diann. Yes, they are getting to be too big for me to even put a tape measure around. I know because I tried yesterday.