Monday, February 27, 2017

Equine Snow Bunnies

Blue and Remy seem immune from the cold and snow, though I try to get them indoors when it's really bad. Mostly, however, their lives seem to be all about eating and playing (and mischief):

Remy comes running whenever he sees me, making it difficult to get a photo of him sometime. Blue, on the other hand, is shy and retiring. He can be very sweet and loving, but sometimes he shies away:

And the two of them, who were born ten days apart and have never since been separated, love to run and play in the snow:

Remy bites Blue, the Blue bites Remy:

Then they chase each other back and forth across the snowy field:

A portrait of Blue, his eye showing the obvious reason he was named as he was:

And a portrait of Remy, showing the increased red coloring he's developed for the winter:

Like the cattle, the little horses prefer to hang out on the east side of the barn when the west winds are cold and harsh:

Blue, in a driving snowstorm:

And Remy, covered in snow. I am comforted by seeing snow accumulating on their backs as I know that means they are not losing body heat:

They love to forage in the waste hay for tasty tidbits:

"That's our story, folks. I've got to go and cause some mischief now:"

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