Saturday, February 18, 2017

Franklin County Route 16 - Part 1

I had previously noticed Franklin County Route 16 and made a mental note to take a driving tour there some day. Well, the day arrived and I began with this classic old brick house. Notice the traditional plank door:

A magnificent dairy farm. I noticed the clothes on the line and decided it was an Amish farm, but then noticed the bright colors of the clothes and the electric lights in the barn. So apparently it wasn't Amish:

A view of the same farm, but from the other side:

An old barn which had been nicely modernized. The backhoe was actively digging up the field in preparation for spring, most likely pulling out rocks and digging trenches for drainage pipe:

Another very large and prosperous looking farm, with barns, sheds, silos, grain bins and corn kernel storage bin:

This farm house looked friendly and inviting:

I think it would be fair to assume this guy likes to race cars:

Another large and modern dairy farm:

A farm house with clothes hanging on the porch, and a barn out back. But there was more to see on County Route 16, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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