Thursday, February 23, 2017

Snowy Scenery In The Town Of Hopkinton

I began here at what I called the Amish Forest, where many of the pines had been logged the previous summer:

The Amish family's farm was across the road, and their horses and cattle could be seen grazing out behind the barns. This man has cleared a farm out of the forest, all by hand and as far as I could see, all by himself:

This old piece of mysterious farm equipment sat alongside the road in the Amish farmer's field. I don't even have a guess what it was for. Let me know in the comments if you know:

But mostly I was driving to enjoy the wintry beauty - and it sure was spectacular:

This would have been a lovely Christmas drive if only Christmas hadn't been two months ago:

Mixed conifers and hardwoods, all dusted with snow:

There was no traffic, no people, no sound. Big snowflakes were falling gently, making everything quiet and peaceful:

I turned onto Water Street in Hopkinton, where some older Red Pines stood, with shorter Beech trees at their feet:

The snow continued to fall as I drove:

There were houses and a few farms on Water Street, but I focused on the snowy woodlands:

Wintry beauty:

The last photo I took was of what I believe to be an Amish one room school house. The door was open and smoke billowed out of the chimney, so I guessed that it had gotten too warm inside for the students. Two buggies were parked outside but I didn't see where the horses might have been. Several Amish farms were nearby, though, so they might have gone to one of them to be cared for while the children were in school. This was the end of my driving tour:

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