Sunday, February 12, 2017

Farm Country - U.S. Route 11, Part 1

I finished the morning chores and snow plowing (with the tractor), then noticed what a nice day it was for taking photos. The sunlight was bright but diffused. I had nothing else much on my to-do list, so I hopped in the car for a driving tour. I was headed east on U.S. Route 11 when I realized that the barns and farms all around me were about as nice as I'd find anywhere. The traffic was sparse, so I began pulling to the side of the road and snapping pictures. I loved this old steel clad silo:

I pass this "Boat Barn" often. It used to have boats stored outside, but I saw none this time. Perhaps they quit the boat storage business:

This old house had broken windows and an open door. If it hadn't been right at a main intersection, I might have investigated:

This barn was next to the abandoned house, so I assumed it was once part of a busy farm:

There were several very old barns with no glass in their windows, leading me to believe they were no longer being used - except perhaps for storage:

Another old barn with wide open windows. I'll bet the pigeons love it:

This barn was large and imposing. It was also well maintained and impressive. Note the milk room, silo, grain bin and other sheds. That shed with the red doors looked downright historic, though with a new roof, doors and window:

A very large dairy barn:

And an old garage. I'd guess that it was once an auto mechanic's shop:

Another old barn. The snow had been plowed in front of it, so it must have been used for something, but apparently not for livestock:

A busy farm, and what I assumed to be a dairy barn. But I was just getting started. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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