Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Farm Country - U.S. Route 11, Part 3

I was making a photographic driving tour of New York Route 11, headed east from the town of Lawrence to the town of Bangor, New York (see previous two posts), and came upon this old, abandoned shed - or was it once a house?:

A sugar house with a full woodshed, all ready to begin operations any day now:

An elaborate horse barn. I'll bet the view from the cupola at the top was magnificent:

And speaking of magnificent, these two horses fit the bill:

An auto mechanic's country garage:

A very old barn with a number of additions:

I noticed the sign post (without its sign) by this old barn and suspected that it was once a gas station on Route 11, between Malone and Potsdam:

This old barn had been abandoned so long ago that trees had grown up all around it:

And the house next to the old barn had also been abandoned:

A lovely old barn, which still appeared to be in usable condition:

An example of an old barn still standing, thanks to the steel roof they'd put on. This was the last photo I took on this driving tour, so I began the return trip toward home. The rural scenery in this area is lovely, and I find it a pleasure and privilege to record some of it for posterity:


  1. Love this photos Bill, thanks for share, greeting from Mexico.

  2. A lot better of familiar sites in these posts. You went right by my house.