Sunday, February 19, 2017

Franklin County Route 16 - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of Franklin County Route 16 and yesterday's post ended with a photo of the other side of this farm, with the clothesline on the porch and barns out back:

This concrete block shed and three topless silos stood all alone, with no buildings nearby:

An old, abandoned farm with sheds, barns, equipment, truck and lots of miscellaneous things left behind. Trees were growing up and camouflaging the former farm:

Another abandoned shed, part of the above farm, which was beginning to lean precariously:

A barn in fairly good shape - except for the addition on the back:

A sugarhouse, getting ready for the season to begin:

I began to have crippling leg cramps and had to stop my car and try to walk out the cramps. I took a photo of this lovely farm house while I was hobbling up and down the road:

That's also when I snapped a photo of this old, abandoned pickup truck. Alas, when I could drive again, I stopped taking photos and decided to get home as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, it was a picturesque rural road if ever there was one. I am thrilled to be living in a place with so much scenery - farms, lakes, rivers, mountains:

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