Saturday, February 11, 2017

Remy And Blue

Remy and Blue seem almost immune to the rigors of winter. In fact, they seem to enjoy it. I couldn't find them one day and went searching. I found them far across the field by a stone wall, searching for grass beneath the snow:

And they have been getting along quite well with the cattle - with the possible exception of Scarlett, who gets crabby with them sometimes:

They have clean hay available at all times but seem to delight in picking through the wasted hay which the cows have left behind. Maybe they just like to give me something to worry about:

And any time I walk out to where the animals are grouped, Remy trots over to say hello:

But Blue, being a lover of food (look at that belly!), usually ignores me and keeps eating:

A scene from the barnyard:

Blue had a problem with locking stifles, which caused his rear legs to stiffen and become unusable early in the morning. I read that the best therapy is exercise, so I began leaving them outdoors all day, every day (and night). On nights with terrible weather, I put them in their stall, but that doesn't happen often:

Remy has had no such problems and is as athletic as could be. He's taller than a miniature horse should be and would be just right as a cart pony. I doubt, however, that I'll ever have the money or energy to do that:

Blue is usually shy, even with me, but becomes sweet and lovable as soon as I begin petting him:

The two of them spend most of their day munching on hay, grazing on dead (or imaginary) grass, and playing:

Getting any work done in the barnyard can be challenging:

When I bring a new hay bale out and open it, I always grab an armload and carry it over to the horses so they don't have to compete with the ravenous (and big) cows:


  1. Hi Bill. I'm still smiling from your cartoon bubbles. I always enjoy your descriptions of personality in your little, and not so little, ones. Sweet times.