Saturday, February 25, 2017

Gallop Road, Town Of Bangor NY - Part 1

I was driving to Walmart in Malone, NY when I noticed Gallop Road and decided to take a quick driving tour. I was not disappointed, as the scenery was rural America at its finest. This large family farm, for instance:

A couple of junked cars and a Jersey calf in an elegant shed, with electric fencing around its run:

A very large hay rake, resting in a field for use again this coming summer:

A small farm with a cozy home:

A stately country home with dogs. They came running and barking, but acted so friendly I was momentarily tempted to stop and say hello. I resisted that foolish temptation, however:

A small barn or carriage house, now a garage:

Lots of old farm equipment and a pickup:

An old barn which seemed to have been converted to a mechanic's garage (but now unused and open):

A lovely home on the banks of the Little Salmon River. It had a foot bridge across the river:

A large, modern farm with triple silos and, parked outside, an Amish buggy. But there was still more to see, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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