Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Inside And Outside Dogs

In addition to our walks in the forest, the dogs do get some variety in their lives, alternating between the comfort of the house and the rigors of outdoors (though not for too long if the weather is bad). In this photo, Daphne and Clover were by the dog house, with Clover checking her paw for snow:

In the warm, comfortable corner of the kitchen - Daphne, Clover, Seamus and Jack:

Outdoors again - Seamus and Jack, with Fergus and Clover in the background:

The usual pileup - Clover, Bugsy, Jack, Fergus, Seamus and Daphne:

Little Clover, bouncing through the snow:

Indoors, Daphne and her buddy, Bramble:

Playing outdoors - Jack, Fergus and Seamus:

Clover, Jack, Seamus and Fergus:

My, oh my, Daphne's body sure got long. Now it stretches behind the dog house and out the other side (and changed from brown to black spots along the way). But the real subject of the photo is happy Jack, running as usual:

Nap time - Clover, Bugsy, Jack, Fergus, Seamus, Daphne and Rocky:

Seamus, Fergus, Daphne and Clover in the snow:

Fergus, Seamus, Daphne and Bugsy in the warm, comfy kitchen:

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