Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wintry Return To The Amish Forest - Part 2

The dogs and I were walking in what I have been calling the Amish Forest (see also Part 1, posted yesterday):

Though it had been logged just this past summer, the crew had been selective, choosing only tall and straight pines for telephone poles. That left lots of unspoiled, natural beauty for us to enjoy:

Besides the pines, the only leaves to be seen were the golden brown beech leaves, which often hang on all winter long:

But it was cold and there was ice beneath a thin layer of snow, making walking treacherous. So we turned back toward the gravel road:

I could see our car up ahead but luckily, the dogs didn't notice it. They often run to it when they see it:

Besides, they had interesting smells to sniff and bushes to pee on:

Seamus, still looking svelte and trim, cut a smart figure as he pranced. It wasn't long ago that he was obese and having trouble walking. His diet has added years to his life and put a spring in his step:

Fergus walked into the forest and then returned, perhaps wondering why I hadn't followed:

All the dogs stopped frequently to read "the newspaper," scents which only their noses can detect:

And it was all a great adventure and lots of fun:

When Jack spied the car ahead, I knew he would bolt so I put him on a leash. The other dogs were told to heel, and they did so beautifully. Our short, wintry walk was over, a quick excursion on a cold, sunny day:

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