Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Dogs And Cats

All seems well with the dogs and cats, with the possible exception of a war going on between the cats Daisy and Georgette. But most of the time there is peace, like when Clover and Rocky shared a floor pillow:

Bramble mostly keeps to himself and seems to enjoy posing for photos:

Seamus and Fergus were at the foot of the stairs, trying to figure out what I was going to do next:

The cats never go outdoors but the dogs have a fenced yard which they enjoy:

Daphne, with her soulful eyes, in the living room:

Georgette doesn't like any other cat, so she spends her time in her bed on the kitchen table, which doubles as my desk:

To help avoid trouble in the Daisy/Georgette feud, I put another litter box downstairs and added food and water dishes on top of a hutch in the living room. Bugsy likes to lounge there, so I pick him up and carry him into the kitchen when I see him there. That helps avoid trouble with Georgette and gives Bugsy more handling so he'll get used to it. He now purrs when I pick him up, a marked improvement from when he was a feral kitten:

Daphne and Clover, sharing a fleecy dog bed:

Fergus, Jack and Clover:

All five dogs in their snowy outdoor yard:

Fergus and Clover. You can see the old, hay filled feed bag in the background, winter protection for the new hardy Magnolia:

  Clover and Rocky, with an amorphous blob in the foreground which is really little Bugsy, all stretched out. It's difficult to get good pictures of black animals:

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