Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Driving Tour Of Ferris Road - Part 1

The last time I drove Ferris Road was three years ago, even though I frequently pass this old stone house at the corner of the road. On this occasion, the log splitter was running but I saw no one tending it. Perhaps he had to run to the bathroom:

Ferris Road is a scenic, rural road in the town of Lawrence, with comfortable farm houses and large farms all along its length:

This farm operation was exceptionally large, with low rise barns stretching for perhaps an eighth of a mile:

The farm had multiple barns, silos, grain bins and a shed which appeared to be for sand or gravel:

This barn appeared to be a frame, covered with canvas. Though this looked like a cattle operation of some kind, I saw, heard or smelled no animals:

This magnificent barn was in great shape and gigantic, making my barn look like a dwarf:

The scenic farm house which accompanied the barn. The front porch is de rigueur around here:

Another spectacular, mammoth barn, though this one seemed to be on its way out:

There were lots of farm fields and lots of woods along Ferris Road. The woods all seemed young, meaning they were probably former farm fields allowed to grow wild:

And yet farming is making a comeback around here. The old, family farms are going out of business and a few entrepreneurs are buying up the old fields, clearing the stones, and adding drainage pipe. They then keep them fertilized and rotate their crops:

Another gigantic old barn. They used to build 'em big around here:

The hay bales and haylage lined up along the road looked exactly like they did three years earlier. I wondered if they line them up there every year of if they were the same bales, which had never been used. I couldn't tell, though the bales on the wagon sure looked old:

I remembered this house, with its two porches, one elevated, from three years ago. I admired it then also. Notice the silo behind it. This was part of a farm, which I'll show in Part 2. posted tomorrow:

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