Friday, January 27, 2017

Joy Road, County Route 83 And County Route 49 - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of a scenic local road which began in Massena as Joy Road and then became County Route 83, then County Route 49 as it passed through the town of Norfolk into the town of Stockholm. This lovely old brick farm house, with its barn and split rail fence, was one of my favorites:

The Brookdale Wesleyan Church, sitting kind of out in the middle of nowhere:

A very old and very large barn, still in active use:

I wanted to capture this picturesque farm, which sat up on a hill, in one photo:

A smaller barn with a new roof:

A large farm house with an even larger barn:

Another old barn:

A historic farm house with two old barns (well, three if you include the smallest one), still painted the green color which, it seems, most barns around here used to be painted:

A lovely log home:

An old farm house with plastic over the porch windows, a barn and silo:

A beautiful old barn:

A comfortable looking farm house:

This barn, set back in the trees and elevated off the ground, was the last photo I took on this driving tour. It is a route I take often, and stopping to snap photos helps me pay closer attention to the beauty I pass along the way:

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