Monday, January 16, 2017

Home Sweet Home

I've never lived without pets and would find it difficult to do so. When I entered college, I moved into a dorm without pets but soon had fresh water clams, white mice and a rabbit. It made my dorm room seem like a home. Similarly now, the animals who live with me make my house a home:

The dogs have a fenced yard and enjoy it outside unless I am inside. Then, they collect at the gate and wait anxiously for me to let them back in:

Daisy has finished her antibiotics and is running low on eye drops. Her right eye is still half closed but that's much better than before. It's also cleared up and is not as opaque as it was previously:

Daisy and Bugsy got their antibiotic pills crushed and mixed in with canned cat food and meat flavored baby food, first twice a day and then once a day. When the medication ended, so did their special treatment. They still come to the kitchen counter twice a day, hoping for more delicious food:

Fergus lives a life of ease:

In fact, they all live a life of ease:

Bugsy and Clover like to cuddle up together:

All five dogs plus Rocky, the cat:

Bugsy has grown to an almost full size cat but still enjoys sleeping on the lamp table. And in case you're wondering, yes he does knock over the lamp sometimes:

Bugsy and Daisy often share the tallest upstairs cat tree. This used to be Georgette's special cat tree, but she almost never goes upstairs any more:

Fergus, Clover and Daphne:

Bed time. They get rawhide chewies to keep their teeth clean at night and Jack chews his under the bed:

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