Sunday, January 8, 2017

Around The Farm In January

Winter arrived in the north country as usual, with cold, snow and ice:

 This year we've had more than the usual amount of treacherous ice, such as this slippery patch beneath the apple trees. I drove to the town highway garage and filled buckets full of sand/salt mix which I sprinkled on the ice to help keep me from falling. I also spread it where the cattle or horses might slip and fall. I sure don't want any animals with broken legs or unable to stand back up:

 The pigeons have seemed happy inside their sheltered room. The water in their automatic waterer froze a couple of times, but usually the heater underneath it is sufficient to keep it flowing and drinkable:

 The 13 little hens all get along and seem happy:

 They sometimes collect by the door, probably wishing they could go outside - but they don't realize how bad the weather is out there (or that there are foxes prowling):

 Two of the new Easter Egger bantams. They all have fluffy "beards:"

 The new Easter Eggers have begun laying eggs, even in this cold. Some are pink:

 And some are green. I don't yet know how many of the little hens are laying, but they are just getting started. Their eggs, though small, will get bigger with time:

 And lest it seem like all misery here, take a look at the sunrise here one morning, when it seemed the sky was on fire as I did the chores. Such spectacular beauty helps beat the winter doldrums:

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