Friday, January 6, 2017

Crunchy Snow, Brasher State Forest - Part 2

The dogs and I were walking along a snow covered trail in the Brasher State Forest (see also Part 1, posted yesterday):

The pooches were having a great time, but I was having increasingly difficulty walking through the crusty snow in my leg/foot braces. When my hamstring muscles began to cramp from the effort, I decided to turn back toward the car:

As usual, the dogs didn't care. They were equally happy to go in either direction:

Fergus cautiously sniffed at a brush pile, perhaps reading the scent of some wild animal:

Silly Jack just ran back and forth, back and forth. But he was having fun:

We hadn't gone far, but it was a gorgeous winter day and a perfect opportunity for a little romp in nature:

Seamus often lags behind to be obedient or to sniff interesting smells, but he took the lead several times on this day:

We were walking toward the sun, so I had to get ahead of the dogs and then turn back toward them to snap a photo. Yet even then, the forest shade darkened most of the pictures:

The dogs began to slow down, allowing me to relax:

And we all made it back to the car in fine shape. I think the dogs wanted to go for another walk, but I was ready to go home and relax. That was OK with them, as they enjoy relaxing too:

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