Friday, January 13, 2017

The Further Adventures Of Blue And Remy

Remy always comes to greet me and see what mischief he can get into when I bring a new hay bale in for the herd:

Blue, being more shy, usually stands off to the side and waits:

Sometimes the big cows won't let them get to the new hay bale, so I toss some hay off for Blue and Remy:

The tractor and bale spear are necessities. I can't imagine having this many cattle and horses without them:

I do the morning chores as soon as it begins to get light, and it's often an occasion for pink skies. In this case, I was checking on Blue and Remy because they didn't come in for grain. I found them with the cows, ignoring me:

Both little guys have very thick winter coats and don't seem to mind the cold at all:

They got lucky on this day, for the cows were all on one side of the bale feeder, leaving the opposite side open for them to eat hay. Of course they can also get into the barn and eat hay at any time:

Why is this photo blurry? Because Remy walked into the barn and found the two calves eating his hay. He was chasing them out:

Who, me?

Remy's mane has developed some reddish highlights, though they look redder in photos than in real life:

It's a peaceful life for the little guys:

Blue was scratching away the snow, looking for edible plant material. Both horses spend much time doing that, even when they have plenty of good hay:

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