Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Miniature Horses

Remy and Blue have had several more nights in their stall, this time because we were having a freezing rain. You can see that they are wet. By the way, the new hay feeder has worked fine and they are not chewing it - at least not yet:

Sometimes the cows keep the little horses away from the bale feeder and sometimes the horses just prefer to keep to themselves. They have clean hay inside the barn but they often prefer to pick through waste hay from where the bale feeder had previously been. I can't explain why:

Remy likes his outdoor salt block and so do the cattle, even though they also have a big block. I make sure they all have minerals plus extra selenium:

Again, picking through the waste hay:

A portrait of Blue, showing his blue eyes:

And a portrait of Remy:

Remy has grown surprisingly large and sturdy. He'd make a fine cart horse, though I doubt I'll ever do it. It would be a lot of money and a lot time training him. I bet he'd enjoy it, though:

A new hay bale, early in the morning:

That hanging feeder behind blue contains free choice minerals, though I don't think any of the animals use it any more:

If any grass shows through the snow, the little horses like to nibble it. They also enjoy pawing through the snow to get at the dead grass below. Again, I don't understand why they want to do that when there is good hay available, but I suppose it is an instinctive behavior:

This is their bathroom inside the barn. At least they go to one spot when they have to poop. They used to come in from outdoors to poop, but they seem to have gotten over that. Now they just use their bathroom when they're already in the barn anyway:

Blue was enjoying his hay so much that he buried his head in it:

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