Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dogs And Cats In Winter

Winter is upon us full strength now. We get mild days, but we also get frigid days and snow days. The dogs go outside frequently but I don't leave them out there for long. Clover and Daphne looked like they wanted to come inside when I took this photo:

They all spend most of their days lounging on the floor pillows and dog beds in the farm house kitchen. This collection of canines was Clover, Fergus, Jack and Daphne:

Little Bugsy is happy to fraternize with the dogs, Clover in this case. He has the eyes of an owl and the tail of a black raccoon:

Seamus should always use the big floor pillow as in this photo, but often chooses the small dog beds instead. Only he could explain why:

You've heard of the Trail Of Tears, well this is my "Trail O' Poop." The dogs seem to like to walk and poop where the snow has been beaten down. I try not to think about how much dog poop I'll have to clean up in the springtime:

I love seeing the dogs and cats comfortable and collected in the corner of the farm house kitchen. This group was Fergus, Jack, Daphne, Clover and Rocky:

Clover, Bugsy and Rocky:

Daphne joined Seamus on the floor pillow:

Clover and Fergus. There is plenty of room for everyone, but they prefer to cuddle up together:

Rocky, sitting atop the dog food bin. Needless to say, I have to buy very large bags of cheap dog food:

Despite appearances, Clover was not pooping in this picture. She was trying to sit, but her butt was cold:

So I got her quickly inside where she could get warm and comfy:

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