Saturday, January 7, 2017

Little Horses With Big Personalities

Blue and Remy do not share their grain well and tend to fight, so I feed them in two small and separate stalls. That also protects them from the much bigger and pushier cattle during their morning grain time:

 Outdoors, they all seem to get along quite well. The two little horses sometimes chase the calves and one cow, Scarlett, sometimes butts the horses - but most of the time peace reigns:

 I've been amazed watching the two little guys' behavior. They seem immune to the cold, more so than the cattle, and will forsake good, fresh hay inside the barn to rummage through the waste hay the cows have left behind outdoors:

 When I clean the barn, Remy always comes in to help. Really, he is just curious and likes to get attention. I'm fine with that as long as he doesn't cause trouble or get behind the tractor when I'm trying to back up:

 The horses and calves have a strange relationship. The horses chase the calves, even nipping at their tails, but they also often hang out together as if they are buddies. They're all about the same size, so I guess they are pals:

 The big cows have not been very good about sharing their hay bale feeder, and Blue knows to approach carefully:

 Remy likes to stand at attention and watch cars pass by. If an Amish buggy goes by, he gets truly excited:

 Sometimes the cattle let the two little horses eat. I guess they have their moods, just like people:

 Only three times so far this year have I put the horses inside for the night. I can't let the cattle in unless the horses are first in their stall, and the horses won't go into their stall without a big fuss unless the weather is bad enough:

 I remember taking this photo well, as the cow behind them was Scarlett. She is the cow who has gone after the horses several times and I could sense that doing so again was on her mind (just look at that expression on her face). Blue and Remy, however, were also aware of her intentions and got out of the way:

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