Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Dogs And Cats

In the bleak midwinter, Bramble lounged comfortably and passed judgement on all he surveyed:

Jack and Fergus waited for me at the bottom of the stairs. These are the two who sometimes pee in the house, so I like having them where I can watch them:

Playing outside in the snow is a favorite pastime:

But not as much of a favorite as sleeping in the warm kitchen:

Little Jack is particularly fond of PeeWee's old doggy bed:

Daisy's eye was not healing and the ointment I'd been using wasn't helping, so I began putting medicated drops in it. Her eye began opening, little by little. She's still on several antibiotics so there is no guarantee she won't relapse once they are discontinued. But she acts happy and healthy. She also has perhaps the best personality of any cat in the house. It's hard to imagine the hard hearted person who dumped her off at my barn, along with three kittens:

Daphne always has a concerned look on her face, but she's really a happy girl:

And Jack loves to romp in the snow. He's another small miracle, an abused and terrified dog who wound up at the shelter. His behavior was such that they doubted anyone would want him. I spent time in his kennel with him. He just cowered, but came around when I brought Daphne and Clover in to meet him. He really liked his two new sisters:

Rocky wore his best tuxedo for his photo shoot:

And Bugsy just wanted to play:

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