Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Driving Tour Of Ferris Road - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of scenic, rural Ferris Road in the town of Lawrence, New York (see Part 1, posted yesterday). This large old farm had a modern home, pictured at the end of yesterday's post:

There was an impressive herd of black and red Angus cattle out back. I had to use the zoom lens to get a photo of them:

I don't know if this impressive gate led to a sugar house or if Sugar Bush was the name of their farm (or maybe both). Either one was possible, as maple syrup production is ubiquitous in these parts:

Despite the appearance of many active farms, I also saw lots of fields, lying undeveloped and unused:

In some places, the fields had grown up into woodlands:

This striking red barn was part of a small, immaculately tended farm:

The house was elaborate and they'd used the same eye-catching red paint on its foundation and chimney:

I stopped and turned around after I'd passed by the farm with the red paint. I wanted to see it all together. It's a beauty, isn't it?:

This sad old house, caving in and sprouting trees, was certainly not beautiful but it was interesting:

Two historic barns in what appeared to be near perfect condition:

And sadly, another old home, slowly sinking back into the earth:

I remembered this old home from my driving tour three years ago. It appeared then as if it was about to be renovated. Alas, I didn't think anything had changed in the three years since:

Ferris Road ended at State Route 11, where I snapped one last photo of this low rise, red barn. I've decided that some of the most picturesque rural scenery is close to home:

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