Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Scenic Brasher Falls, New York - Part 1

I was on my way home from church one sunny Sunday when I noticed Dullea Road and thought it looked both rural and scenic. I had already passed the road by the time I reacted, so I turned around and drove back to it, then took a driving tour which began with this scenic farm and barns:

This lovely farm house atop a hill went the barns in the above photo. Imagine sitting out on that porch on a summer day, looking out over the scenery:

This is the sort of scenery you would see from that porch - corn and hay fields, stone piles and forest:

I stopped at this brushy marshland because I thought the bright red color was due to Winterberry fruit. It was not, so I then guessed it was Red Twig Dogwood. It was too marshy to walk out for a closer look, so I never learned its true identity. It sure was dramatic, though:

There were woodlands along Dullea Road also, though most had relatively young trees, indicative of former farm land, abandoned and gone wild:

But Dullea Road was very short and I soon realized I was entering the tiny settlement of Brasher Falls. So I just continued to snap pictures, noticing as the houses became closer together and the woodlands and farm fields farther apart:

This modern looking home sat well back behind a a row of White Pines:

A small, hip roofed barn:

This was the house which belonged with the above barn. I was on the edge of Brasher Falls:

The houses continued to get closer together in Brasher Falls, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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