Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Red Poll Gals

Jasmine, one of the sweetest, gentlest cows, often does not come into the barn for morning grain. I sometimes carry a bowl out for her:

Tabitha and Maggie are growing at what seems to be ever increasing rates. They'll be huge by the time they are six months old and ready to go to a new home:

Violet, the most obese cow, has lost much weight and is already looking better:

They spend half their day at the salad bar and the other half of the day chewing their cuds, an essential part of digesting the hay:

Tabitha and Rosella, with Amy in the background:

Jasmine, with her expressive face:

Tabitha and Maggie were playing and rubbing their heads on the small trees:

Maggie is one month younger than Tabitha, but they seem almost the same size:

Back playing again, this time by climbing up and down the manure pile:

Rosella, my only cow born right here and raised by me. She, like Jasmine, has a sweet and gentle nature:

Most days are peaceful and quiet for the Red Poll girls:

When their hay feeder is on the east side of the barn, they are near the gravel road and people often slow down to watch them:

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