Thursday, May 1, 2014

White Hill Road - Part 3

White Hill Road began in the town of Parishville and seemed to cross the line into Hopkinton as I drove. At any rate, it was surely scenic, both in terms of the forest scenery and the summer cottages which were numerous and set back into the trees. This place was covered with Adirondack siding:

More Adirondack siding and a screened front porch:

Perched on the side of a hill, this cabin had a nice view:

This was another home which seemed to be a year 'round residence:

A bright red steel roof:

And off to the side of the above house, behind a pine tree, was this totem pole. I loved it!:

This little camp was for sale. I checked its price when I got home and found that it had only .2 acres of land and they were asking #19,900. I thought that was a little steep, but then maybe that's why it hadn't been sold:

And the state forest land all along the road was beautiful:

Another bustling place with bicycles, lounge chairs and signs of activity. Perhaps this was a permanent residence or perhaps the family was just spending the weekend here:

I passed by scenic wetlands:

And this cute little cabin:

This place was much bigger than most, and had what appeared to be an elevated porch surrounding the entire building. I took White Hill Road all the way to Joe Indian Pond, where I found many more cottages around a scenic lake. But I'd taken enough pictures for one day. So I put my camera away and turned back toward home:

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