Wednesday, April 30, 2014

White Hill Road - Part 2

I'd been prevented from hiking in White Hill Wild Forest by the snow which persisted on the access road. So instead, I decided to take a driving tour of White Hill Road, which had an abundance of camps, cottages and cabins, as well as lots of woodsy scenery. This cabin was still rather buried in snow despite the springlike temperatures and late April date:

And I was amazed to discover the Cedar Lodge Bar & Grill. Like almost all the camps, it appeared to be closed for the winter, but it was evidence that this might be a rather lively place in the summertime. I'll have to take another drive on this road to find out:

I passed by a logging operation:

And a nice red cottage which had gotten lucky during a recent winter storm. A big tree had come down, narrowly missing the building:

Kelly's Old Homestead Bar & Lounge. I don't think this was a bar, but someone's summer cottage and they nailed up the sign as a bit of whimsey. Perhaps the owners were named Kelly:

A small trailer turned into a camp:

Adirondack siding, metal roof and lots of windows:

I think this place was a year round residence. Clearly, there are folks who like rural living and solitude even more than I do, folks who aren't afraid of wild, rugged winters atop a mountain:

A cute little place with a front porch:

And this place, covered with board and batten siding:

This place, though small, may also have been a year round residence, at least judging by the extra large propane tank and satellite dish. White Hill Road was certainly proving to be interesting, so I kept driving and snapping photos. I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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