Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chickens And Pigeons

I guess, since this post is all about chickens and pigeons, you could call it a fowl post. But I hope you won't call it a foul post. Every morning now, I open the chickens' door and let them out to peck happily all day long:

And they are all excited about being let outdoors:

They run/waddle full speed toward the house:

And directly to the bird feeders, where the wild birds have always dropped lots of seed:

On nice days, they take dust baths, leaving holes in my gardens. They also sun themselves, spreading out their wings (as they are doing here) to collect as much warm sunshine as possible:

After that ritual is taken care of, they spread out all over the yard, the road, the pasture, wherever they can find food or mischief to get into:

The fantail pigeons, however, are locked in a room and never get out - at least not yet. But it's a comfy and spacious room, with high shelves where they can feel safe:

I've not yet seen any signs of pairing off or nest building, but they clearly do enjoy each other's company:

They had been in a confined space all winter and their tails were rather poopy, with ruffled and missing feathers. They're beginning to look more fancy now that they have more room:

But boy, do they poop a lot! If I can ever arrange to let them outdoors safely, I'll be happy to have the poop outside instead of inside:

They roost on the highest shelf they can find:

And come down to the lowest shelf, formerly a work bench, to eat and drink. They seem to be happy birds:

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