Tuesday, April 29, 2014

White Hill Road - Part 1

As I posted yesterday, we were on our way to the White Hill Wild Forest in Parishville, New York for a springtime hike. But alas, the seasonal road was still covered with too much snow and ice for me to get my car through. As I turned around, though, I noticed that White Hill Road had a lot of small cottages, or "camps," which were picturesque and a perfect subject for a driving tour:

I hadn't realized that White Hill Road was a long as it turned out to be, but I discovered many miles of scenic forest and cute summer cottages. This one, clearly, had begun as a travel trailer and been added to over the years:

This place was fancier and had a garage. It may indeed have been a permanent residence. Power lines brought modern life the entire length of that extremely rural, woodsy road:

Another cute little camp, built around a travel trailer and nestled beneath the trees:

A more traditional structure with a steel roof:

And a rather fancy looking log home. Perhaps this also was a year round residence. I couldn't tell. Either way, they sure had a scenic location:

This was the most common sort of camp - a small, rectangular building on blocks and surrounded by trees:

A cute little place with tree trunk pillars and Christmas lights:

And a real, honest to goodness, chinked log cabin beneath giant White Pines:

Another possible year 'round residence with coiled water hose and porthole style windows:

This attractive green cottage was boarded up for the winter. But there was still a lot more to see on White Hill Road, so I kept driving. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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