Monday, April 28, 2014

A Springtime Romp In Whiskey Flats State Forest

It was a lovely spring day, so I took the dogs hiking. Whiskey Flats State Forest wasn't our intended destination, but when we passed it on our way, I decided to stop and give it a try. I pulled the car off the road and entered the forest on one of these dirt lanes:

The dogs, of course, were ecstatic:

The forest lanes were sandy and the whole area was filled with the aroma of pines heating in the sun:

We left the dirt lanes and entered the woods, just to see what we could see:

And then - Oh no, not snow still clinging to the ground!:

But indeed it was snow, and quite a lot of it. The dogs did not share my negative feelings about the snow, however. To them, it was a fun place to romp:

But I turned back away from the snow and returned to the dryer woods, where Reindeer Lichens covered the ground:

And the scenery was lovely:

We returned to the dirt lane and began making our way back to the car:

And the dogs had a grand time:

This forest, I figured, was not large enough for me to worry about getting lost. But it was a fun diversion on our way to the "real hike:"

We found our car parked in the sun and I decided to drive out on a different lane, almost sinking us in the mud as I did so. But we got out of the forest and back on the road, where our next destination was the White Hill Wild Forest. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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