Friday, May 9, 2014

White HIll Wild Forest - Part 2

We were hiking in White Hill Wild Forest (see Part 1, posted yesterday). Shining Clubmoss grew in great abundance:

Wood Frogs (I think) were calling from this beaver pond, so we ambled over for a closer look. I never saw any, though, and they stopped calling when we got close:

The dogs' antics probably scared the frogs, but they were sure having fun (the dogs that is, not the frogs. Well, it was mating season, so maybe the frogs were also):

And then we continued on our way:

The trees had not budded yet and the only spring flowers I'd seen so far were the Trout Lily sprouts in yesterday's post:

We descended down into a hollow, cool and fragrant with Balsams, when I saw - Oh no, not snow!:

But the snow was only in that one spot and no problem at all. We climbed back up out of the hollow and continued on our way:

We passed several beaver ponds and marshes. I'd hoped to get as far as Little Rock Pond and Long Pond before turning back, but I secretly hoped to make it all the way to the spectacular Lilypad Pond:

By now Daphne was playing in the water as much as Seamus. Fergus and Clover tried to keep their tootsies dry:

We came to another beaver marsh and I turned off of the trail and walked toward it:

I sat down on a large rock and watched the dogs as they played and explored:

And they kept coming back to say hello to me. But we still hadn't gotten to the turn around point, so there was more trail before us. I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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