Saturday, May 17, 2014

St. Lawrence Power And Equipment Museum, The Off-Season

On Sunday morning I drove to the town of Madrid (pronounced MAD-red) to attend a swap meet and tailgate sale of small animals. I drove to Potsdam and then turned northwest to Madrid:

I took this photo of what appeared to be an interesting farm as I crossed the town line:

And then I noticed, on the barn, a sign proclaiming this the St. Lawrence Power And Equipment Museum:

I'd already been planning a visit, but knew they wouldn't be open until summertime:

I then noticed that all the gravel roads were open and there were no signs telling me not to enter, so I decided to drive in and take a look:

There were old fashioned buildings and old fashioned equipment, though the most elaborate and expensive antique equipment was locked inside a warehouse. Some old machinery, such as this unidentified contraption, sat outside:

I didn't know what any of the machinery was, but I plan to learn more when I return in the summer:

They had rebuilt historic buildings which would certainly add to the experience. There was a gas station:

And a shoe shop:

There were lots of unidentified machinery. I snapped some photos and looked forward to seeing everything this summer when they were open. But I was on my way to the swap meet, so I continued on my way:

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