Saturday, May 10, 2014

White HIll Wild Forest - Part 3

We were hiking in the White Hill Wild Forest and making side trips off the trail to get closer looks at beaver marshes - or anything which looked interesting:

The first flower of the season turned out to be large patches of these gorgeous but tiny Round Leafed Yellow Violets, less than 2" tall:

We passed by Little Rock Pond but I don't believe we every made it as far as Long Pond. It's hard to tell which body of water is which. But my ankles were troubling me and Seamus seemed to be wearing out, so we turned around and began returning the way we'd come:

Daphne was a happy pooch:

All the dogs, even the hyperactive Clover and Fergus, had slowed down considerably. It reminded me of the popular saying, "A tired dog is a good dog""


We retraced our route, passing by beaver ponds and marshes, and also the snowy hollow:

Because we were tired, the return trip seemed much longer:

But soon we were again walking along the shore of Clear Pond. Tired or not, I couldn't pass by without ambling over for a closer look. It was just too beautiful:

Even the dogs seemed to appreciate the beauty of it all - not to mention the cooling off of their tired feet and the quenching of their thirst:

It was dinnertime, and the fisherman were loading up their boat on the other shore:

We arrived back at the car - four tired dogs and a tired me. It had been a good hike, albeit a short one:

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