Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crooks Road In Bangor, New York - Part 1

I had to go all the way to Plattsburgh, a two hour drive each way, for auto repairs. There were lots of interesting things to photograph along the way but I didn't feel I dared take the time for all those stops. But along Route 11B in the town of Bangor, New York, I decided that I was almost home and could afford to spend a little time exploring Crooks Road. It left the highway at the Bangor Baptist Church:

Nearby, this historic church had no signs, so I assumed it was no longer in use. Perhaps it used to be the Baptist church until they moved to the corner building. It sure was a classic:

I had expected Crooks Road to be mostly farms, but I was seeing only rural homes. This one had Adirondack siding and fencing:

At first glance, I figured this was an old motel. But then I saw the double restroom/outhouse and the small cabins. Perhaps this was once a children's summer camp:

I passed more small cabins and a big barn. That bolstered my idea that this had been a summer camp for children:

There were lovely old farm houses but I saw no signs of commercial farming:

This brown and yellow house had a screened porch:

And this log home had old implements out front for decoration:

A sky blue steel roof:

A very large and old home, all buttoned up for bad weather:

I passed by wetlands:

And marshes. Crooks Road was different than I'd expected, yet still scenic and interesting. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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