Monday, May 5, 2014

Hallahan Road, In The Town Of Lawrence, New York

I had to drive in to town for cattle feed and decided it would be a good opportunity for a quick driving tour on the way. But it seemed I'd already covered all the local roads, so I looked at a map. That's when I noticed Hallahan Road in the town of Lawrence, a road I take all the time. In fact, I'd taken it so often that I'd incorrectly assumed I'd already posted on it. But I hadn't, so I got out my camera and began snapping pictures. The first place was Silverstar Ranch, owned by the guy whose work horses I'd photographed last autumn:

And his place was beautiful, especially this colorful horse beside a birch log corral:

He had lots of horses:

And some which were hidden behind buildings:

I continued on along Hallahan Road, passing a few mobile homes, all neat and tidy:

And old farmsteads:

One cute little pony in a shed sided with slab wood:

Rocky pastures which grew cedars as well as grass:

A modern log home:


Suburban style homes:

And a place I was already quite familiar with. This is one of many entrances to the Rutland Nature Trail, a favorite place for me to take the dogs hiking. But this was also the end of the Hallahan Road, so I put away my camera and continued on to the feed store:

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