Thursday, May 15, 2014

New York Power Authority Visitors Center

I'd seen a lot on that cold, rainy spring morning, beginning at the Akwesasne Cultural Center and followed by the Eisenhower Lock on the St. Lawrence Seaway. My next and final stop was the Visitors Center at the power dam:

I traveled through the Robert Moses State Park and into the St. Lawrence State Park, both located on islands or peninsulas in the St. Lawrence River. All along the road, evidence of power generation was abundant:

When I arrived at the dam, it was indeed impressive:

But I was there to see the Visitors Center, so up those steps I went:

I was the only visitor that morning but I imagined busloads of school kids touring this facility on field trips. I'll bet every child in Massena has been here many times:

They had lots of big, dramatic displays, but my favorite thing in the whole museum was not a display, but this water filled, bubbling partition. I thought it was just great:

There were interactive displays about nearly every aspect of power generation:

And power usage:

I didn't flip any of the switches, but you can bet the school kids do:


An exercise bike to generate electricity. I imagine this is a big hit with the school groups:

A cutaway of the dam. I was tired and hungry by this time and there wasn't much else to see, so I returned to my car and began the trip home:

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