Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Neighbors' Dairy Barn - Part 2

I didn't ask how many cows they were milking, but I suppose it might have been about 50. It was a peaceful scene, with all the cows well fed and cared for, and similarly contented barn cats lounging about everywhere:

This little fellow wandered out from another room, found his mom and had a meal:

He was still a bit wobbly when he disconnected, but happy and with a full stomach:

The Holsteins were quite large:

The brothers were feeding hay to their cows when I arrived:

And the cows were eating it with enthusiasm, even kneeling for better access. You may notice that they also had soft, clean hay for bedding:

Another little Jersey calf:

I walked down the middle aisle to where the younger, weaned animals were tethered:

Such as this calf:

And then I headed back up the middle aisle to see if there was anything I'd missed:

The brothers continued to feed hay to their charges. They would begin milking soon:

This Jersey knelt to munch her hay. I might have left for home just about this time, but I knew they'd begin milking at any time - so I stayed. I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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