Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dogs And Cats In The Merry Month Of May

This post was prepared about two weeks ago. The grass is lush, green and growing rapidly now, much more than shows in this photo. We are rapidly moving from springtime into summer and the dogs enjoy every moment they get outdoors in their fenced run:

PeeWee, Seamus and Clover:

And all five of the pooches:

Inside the house, little PeeWee was happy and safe. His limited hearing and sight were usually no problem, though he always did have moments of confusion. He liked regular routine:

Snoozey knew how to make himself comfortable:

Snoozey and Draco were happy, sharing one of the kitchen floor pillows:

And little Clover often climbed up onto Seamus' gigantic body when she needed a soft, warm doggy bed. Fergus and Daphne were happy just to snuggle up nearby:

Draco, Bramble and Snoozey joined forces on the floor pillows. They liked to be close - just not too close:

Giant Seamus often slept next to tiny PeeWee:

And Snoozey struck a most charming pose on a kitchen chair:

Bramble yawned, while Clover and Draco hung out close by:

PeeWee often got only a small portion of his body in his doggy bed. In this instance, I lifted the rest of his body into place so that I could sit at my computer desk:

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