Monday, May 19, 2014

Northern New York Poultry Fanciers Association Swap Meet - Part 2

I'd seen about half of the swap meet, and continued on my way, stopping to take a look at this Speckled Sussex rooster:

This table was selling all manner of horse tack (equipment):

These two black baby pigs had just been sold and were squealing loudly as they were transferred to their carrier:

Two Angora rabbits, very cute indeed:

An unidentified bantam:

Muscovy Ducks:

Chicken coops and rabbit hutches for sale:

Elaborate birdhouses and barn board picture frames:

White Silkies:


Wood Duck nest boxes:

I went indoors where they were selling coffee, meals and raffle tickets:

I'd secretly hoped that someone would be selling Fantail Pigeons, not that I needed any more. But there were none. So I walked back to my car. The pickup truck behind me held a family who had just bought a bunny and were cuddling it when this woman walked by with a pet goat. It too was for sale, and the family with the bunny decided to buy it. But it was time for me to head for home, so I didn't wait around to see the transaction:

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