Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catherineville State Forest - Part 2

We were about midway on our hike in the Catherineville State Forest and it was a fine spring day - warm, but the black flies were not biting yet:

I decided it was time to turn back toward the car, and the dogs were just as happy about that as they were to start out at the beginning of the hike:

We walked through a forest of great beauty. The leaves were not yet out on the hardwood trees, our spring being so very late this year. But I knew it wouldn't be long:

I was lamenting the lack of Trout Lilies until I saw several of them clustered on a sunny slope. I walked over for a photo. In another week or so, the forest floor would be carpeted in yellow blossoms:

We retraced our steps. I bypassed the wet spots by detouring into the forest, but the dogs seemed to delight in getting wet and muddy:

C'mon, Dad. Can't you walk any faster?:

We ambled along the trail, not in any hurry, beneath the trees and through the dappled sunlight:

This photo caught the water splashing as Seamus trotted through:

Seamus was beginning to look like a giant black sheep in need of shearing. I decided to see about an appointment with the groomer as soon as possible:

And it wasn't long before we spotted our little red car parked in the forest. It had been a pleasant hike, the last one I'd have before getting ankle braces. The doctor assured me that I'd soon be hiking better than ever, but - well, we'll see:

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