Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Pets At Home

It's been some time since there's been a post devoted entirely to my pets, so here's one for May 2nd. In this photo, Snoozey and Bramble enjoy being close - but not too close - on the kitchen floor pillows:

Seamus made a nice place to snuggle for Fergus at the foot of the stairs, and Daphne decided to join in the sleepy fun:

Little PeeWee in his bed beneath my computer desk:

As the grass began to green up, the dogs enjoyed spending more time outdoors:

PeeWee, in spite of his hearing and eyesight handicaps, has learned the routine and enjoys running in and out with the the other dogs. In fact, he sort of dances as he does it:

Bramble and Clover, buddies on a floor pillow:

Draco developed ear mites and has been getting treatments for some time. They are persistent, but we're getting to them. But poor old Draco is getting sick of having sore ears and being restrained. I think he was recovering from a session in this photo:

Bedtime with all the dogs except PeeWee, who has his own upstairs doggy bed:

And here is PeeWee in his own personal doggy bed. He doesn't much care if he's fully inside or not. I section off the bedroom with baby gates to prevent nighttime "accidents." It seems to work on the same theory as crating a dog, in that they don't want to soil their own nest. So by reducing their space, I've darn near eliminated pee spots on the carpet. Just in case, however, I also put a plastic tablecloth on the floor:

Rocky at the top of the stairs:

And Georgette, in her favorite spot atop the cat tree at the top of the stairs. If she was an outdoor cat, I suppose she'd be up in a tree most of the time:

The usual trio of Seamus, Fergus and Daphne. The three of them sure like to snooze together:

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