Monday, May 26, 2014

A Neighbors' Dairy Barn - Part 3

The brothers had been busy feeding hay to their charges and would begin milking at any minute. So I once again walked down to where the weaned calves were tethered:

This little calf looked happy and comfy, completely undisturbed by my presence:

There was a whole row of weaned calves of varying ages, but they were difficult to photograph because of the light streaming through the windows:

But then it was time to turn our attention to the cows. Their udders looked full:

The brothers prepared things in the milk room, where everything had been sanitized:

Then they began carrying equipment out to the main barn:

The equipment was hung in strategic locations where it wouldn't touch any unclean surface:

And then they both began milking their cows:

The cows didn't balk, didn't fidget. This was routine for them:

I thanked the brothers for their kindness and began to walk back out to my car, passing these two dry cows once again as I went:

I looked back at the barn, with its grain bin, silo and many extensions. That's when I noticed more cattle out behind one of the extensions and decided to walk over to take a look:

There were three young males, eating hay. I didn't notice if they were bulls or steers, but that brown and white one on the left trotted over to stare me down and I decided it was time for me to make a wise retreat to the safety of my car:

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