Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Crooks Road In Bangor, New York - Part 2

This old farm equipment was for sale, but I had no idea what it was. A friend has since informed me that is/was a wheat thresher:

This trailer had been added to, and turned into a nice summer cottage for someone:

And this historic old home had, alas, been abandoned:

This home with sky blue trim had a terrific bird house out front (on the left of the photo):

So many of the homes looked historic that I guessed this area was settled quite early:

This nice home had a barn out back but its roof had collapsed:

Another log home:

An old farm house:

And a brand new place with a farm wagon out front, containing old fashioned milk cans:

I'll bet this house was also an old farm house:

This home was for sale. I checked the internet when I got home and found that it was built of stone in the 1870s, had three bedrooms, two baths and almost 28 acres. The asking price was $79,500:

Well, I was surprised that I'd found no commercial farms on Crooks Road, but the houses and scenery had been quite nice. I returned to Route 11B, where I turned at this large, old building to continue my journey home:

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