Monday, February 28, 2011

A Final Rest Stop On Our Way Home

I was on my way home from the farm with all the dogs in the back of my little red car. The weather and road conditions had been difficult and the snow banks had been high. I make it a point to let the dogs out for a "romp and poop" at least once during the trip but had so far found no safe place to do it. So I pulled into the Marcy Field parking area in the beautiful Keene Valley of the Adirondacks:

I'd hoped we could get onto the hiking trail which begins there but the snow was far too deep. However, since there was no one else in the parking area, I let the dogs out right there. That sign you see at the edge of the woods is a trail head to one of the high peaks:

The snow banks were almost as high as the top of my car, but the skies had cleared and I was enjoying the scenery as the dogs ran around the parking area:

When I look at the tops of mountains, I always watch for rocky outcroppings which might provide views should I ever hike up there:

But it was soon time to load the dogs back up into the car and finish the drive home:

I snapped one last photo of the surrounding Adirondack mountains as I drove out of the parking lot. And then we were on our way home:

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