Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beginning Another Trip Up To The Farm

It'd been 7 weeks since I'd been up to the farm. This was for many reasons, but the primary reason was the awful winter weather and hazardous driving conditions. But upstate New York was predicted to have a warm weekend, so I began my drive north on Sunday morning. The skies were gray but the roads were clear - until, that is, I exited the limited access highway and began my trek through the Adirondacks:

The snow was perhaps 30" deep everywhere and plowed snow banks at the edges of the road were as much as 5 feet. More snow was falling as I drove:

I stopped to take a few pictures, but far fewer than normal. I could find no place to let the dogs out safely:

Clover and Daphne stayed with me in front seat while Seamus, Fergus, Wally and Winky rode in the back. I could tell they all wanted out for a romp and a poop, but the deep snow prevented that:

So onward I drove, passing through the Keene Valley. The skies were dark and the mountains shrouded in clouds. So when I caught a rare glimpse of the nearby mountains, I snapped a photo:

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