Saturday, February 19, 2011

Up Into The HIgh Peaks Region

Leaving the Keene Valley behind, my little red car climbed higher, up into the high peaks region. The overcast conditions and low clouds veiled most of the mountain views, but every so often I glimpsed their beauty:

Most of the pull-offs were not plowed, but I found one which had been cleared and pulled off into it. It was too close to the road to let the dogs out and they were not happy about that, but it did allow me a chance to stretch my legs and snap a few more pictures:

Up ahead of us towered what must be one of the officially designated high peaks, but I don't know which one it might be. I checked the map and there's lots of possibilities. If it's Wright Peak or Algonquin Peak, I've been up there. I like the thought of that:

But it quickly came time to continue on our way on Route 73, a two lane road through the heart of the high peaks region:

This classically designed Adirondack style building is a store during the summer months. Apparently its owners had gone south with their profits for the winter:

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