Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Arrive At The Farm

We came to the end of Rt. 458 and turned onto the smaller roads toward the farm. Though it was no longer a surprise to me, I found that these roads had even more snow on them than the highways. But there was no traffic at all and I could stop right there in the middle of the road, roll down my window and snap a picture of an old sugar house set back in the woods:

I stopped to get a photo of this old barn which was in fine shape although it didn't appear to be used much anymore:

A few more turns and we arrived at the farm. The snow was 24"- 30" deep on the flat areas and up to 5' high where it'd been plowed. I shoveled a pathway from the car to the back door before letting the dogs out:

Little old Winky, with his short and crooked legs, was the last one to make his way through the snow. There was still quite a bit of snow underfoot, even after I'd shoveled a path:

Clover spotted the two horses across the road and went on alert. But we were at our second home and would soon be indoors getting comfortable:

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