Friday, February 18, 2011

The Keene Valley

The dogs and I were traveling up through the Adirondacks for our first visit to the farm in many weeks. The weather report promised warmer weather with only a few snow flurries, but what we actually encountered was deep snow, lots of ice and heavy traffic. It was difficult to stop anywhere along the road to snap pictures and the clouds were so low that few mountains could be seen. But I kept watching for mountains and places to pull off the road. I did capture a few:

In the village of Keene, New York I saw this pretty little farm just off the highway and behind the roadside snowbanks:

And when I got to the Keene cemetery, the road was plowed part of the way. I drove up as far as I could go just as the clouds parted and I could see some of the mountains:

The snowbanks were so tall that they often presented an obstacle to viewing the scenery, at least from my little car. But when I got the opportunity, I snapped a photo:

And northward we traveled. I was longing for the return of summer:

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