Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Comfortable In The Farm Apartment

We arrived at the farm and I shoveled a path between the car and the back door to my apartment. The snow was very deep, 24"-30" where it hadn't drifted and Seamus was the only dog who could get through it without a shoveled walkway. But once it was cleared, I found that it made a nice confinement system for keeping the dogs from straying:

I unloaded the car while the dogs explored and did their business:

Winky needed some encouragement to get him through the snow which remained after my shoveling:

I found the stairs underneath the snow and shoveled them clear. Then we all clambered up inside the apartment:

I turned up the heat (notice Clover positioned right in front of the heat register) and went down in the cellar to turn on the water. Then I fed and watered the dogs and put their pillow-beds down on the floor for them:

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