Friday, February 25, 2011

An Early Evening

It'd been a long day and a long drive up to the farm. The weather had not cooperated and I was tired. The tenants were not home when I arrived, so I didn't even get to say hello. I stuck a baby gate in the snow at the end of the path I'd shoveled to keep the dogs from exiting that limited run. Who would have imagined snow so deep that it could serve as walls to keep the dogs in place?!? I was fading rapidly, so I let the dogs out one more time:

And then we settled in - extra early, even by my standards:

The Golden Delicious apples outside my bathroom window had inexplicably turned red during the winter:

Fergus and Clover jumped up on my bed. Daphne and Wally like being up there also but require a lift:

I laid myself down "just to read" but of course fell asleep almost at once:

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